Making Dental Injections Better


UnknownThe cutting edge of dental anesthesia–The Wand® STA is a computer-controlled injection system that provides painless anesthesia for all dental injection types.

We used this technology on a patient the other day for an injection and she said, “You need to tell people about this!  I didn’t feel a thing!”.  So, here we are– telling you about it.

What causes you the most anxiety during dental treatment?  Most people will say it is the dental injection or “shot.”  We, as dentists, try to avoid saying the word “shot” when we are talking with patients about dental anesthesia.  But no matter which word is used, it still elicits anxiety for patients.    The Wand® STA utilizes the same type and amount of anesthetic–the method of delivery is different.  The computer regulates this delivery to a slow drip which eliminates the pressure of the injection–hence, a “painless” injection.

I know from personal experience that the The Wand® STA works wonders in reducing discomfort during dental anesthesia.  I can also tell you I have lost count of how many people (especially kids!) who have said, “So, I’m not getting a shot today?” after I have used it on them.

Thanks and God bless!

Until next time…

Dr. Jill Colson

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