Scaling/Root Planing

Scaling and root planing (SRP) is a non-surgical periodontal therapy to remove bacterial plaque and calculus from AROUND teeth and BELOW the gumline.  This type of therapy is prescribed for patients who have chronic inflammation in their gums and bone destruction of the jaw that supports the teeth.  We measure the bone around your teeth and check for areas of bleeding to determine if you need SRP.  This treatment is more involved than a prophylaxis or a “teeth cleaning” which treats disease AT or ABOVE the gumline.  

SRP treatment promotes healing of the inflammation and infection that causes gum and bone destruction.  Some patients need one treatment session, while others need several.  It depends on the severity of the periodontal infection and inflammation as to how many session you will need.

Generally, the area of your mouth to be treated is anesthetized (numbed) for your comfort.  Appointments are an hour in length and spaced 2 weeks apart for maximum clinical effectiveness.  Your hygienist will treat the worst areas first, then retreat those areas as new areas are treated at subsequent appointments.  Once your particular therapy is complete, your hygienist will see in 6 weeks to follow up on your healing.  Most likely you will need to see your hygienist 3-4 times a year to maintain your periodontal health.