Smile Makeover

The process for a smile makeover starts with the end in mind.  What are your dental goals? What do you want to change about your smile? What do you envision your smile looking like when we are finished with treatment?

Smile Makeover Process

A smile makeover may involve several disciplines of dentistry to accomplish your goals. Some cases may be as simple as micro-abrasion and tooth-whitening. Others may involve orthodontic alignment of teeth and the placement of porcelain veneers on anterior teeth. Whatever the approach may be, we work with you to accomplish your dental aesthetic goals. Your individual case is designed with the shape, shade, contour, and function of your smile in relation to your lips and face.

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Below, we have outlined the process for how we typically treat an esthetic smile makeover. Keep in mind, all cases are customized and may vary slightly from this guideline.

 1.  CONSULTATION:  We begin with an aesthetic consultation and photographs.
 staff taking a photo of a patient to plan treatment
 2.  REVIEW PHOTOGRAPHS:  We share the photographs with you and analyze your smile.  We compare it to what would be considered ideal regarding size, shape, alignment, position, lip contour, and gingival contour.  If you are interested in pursuing treatment, we move on to step 3.
 staff showing closeup of teeth on TV monitor
 3.  MODELS:  We make models of your teeth and align them on an articulator using a facebow transfer.  We use this step to orient your models on a machine that duplicates your occlusion.  Once complete, we send this information to our dental lab to have a diagnostic wax up fabricated.
 staff making model of patient's teeth
 4.  DIAGNOSTIC WAX UP:  Your custom diagnostic wax up is a preview of your smile and a blueprint for us clinicians.  It serves as a template if your treatment involves temporary crowns.  The models of your teeth are modified by our dental lab and then wax is placed over the prepared model of your teeth.   Simply put, your model teeth are prepared for restorations and the final restorations are simulated in wax.  Here were are able to troubleshoot any occlusal issues prior to preparing teeth in your mouth.  We also create a virtual treatment plan using your photographs.
 wax model of patient's teeth
 5.  FINAL STAGE:  Depending on the complexity of your case, the next step will vary.  Some cases need gum tissue contouring by a periodontist prior to tooth preparation.  Some may need tooth movement by an orthodontist.  If and when indicated, your teeth are prepared and placed in temporaries for several weeks to ensure your comfort prior to placement of permanent restorations. 
 closeup of teeth on computer monitor