Composite Fillings and Restorations

What are composite resin fillings and restorations?

At Dentistry at Pelham Pointe, we use composite resin as a restorative (filling) material.  We are a mercury-free practice.  

Composite resin is designed for aesthetic dental restorations. Matching the shade of your natural teeth, composite resin is often used for filling dental cavities or for dental bonding of front teeth.

Composite resin consists of glass or quartz filler added to a resin medium, which produces a tooth-colored restoration. The invention of composite resin offers a substitute to amalgam dental fillings. This plastic and glass mixture contains no metal and can be shaped to resemble a real tooth. It is usually hard to tell that a tooth has even been filled!

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Some benefits of composite resin restoration include:

  • Natural looking restorations
  • Better for smaller fillings
  • Preservation of more tooth structure 

The procedure:

 The procedure for placing a composite resin dental filling is a bit more complicated than it is for an amalgam filling:

  1. The dentist isolates the tooth from saliva to keep it dry.
  2. Any dental decay is removed.
  3. An etchant and bonding agent are placed, followed by the composite resin.
  4. A special light is used to harden each layer of composite resin material.
  5. After the tooth is filled, the composite resin is shaped to resemble a real tooth.
  6. Finally, the restoration is smoothed and polished to accommodate your occlusion.