KOR at-home and In-Office Whitening

What is KoR Whitening? 

KöR professional teeth whitening whitens teeth without the use of lights or lasers. The whitening gel produces little to no sensitivity for most patients, often described as the gentlest whitening system available. Don’t let the “gentle” fool you. KöR whitening has had huge success rates for patients with tetracycline stains, an extremely difficult stain to remove. We understand that seeing is believing. Check out the hundreds of patients who have gone from dark yellow stains to confident bright youthful smiles.

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Confidence in yourself and in your smile can go a long way, both personally and professionally. If your discolored teeth make you too shy to smile, a visit to our dental office is all it takes to give you a spectacular smile that you can’t wait to show off!

 Enhances Your Smiles Appearance

 Boost Your Self-Confidence

 Thrive Professionally & Personally

 A Brighter Smile Seems Friendlier

 People With a White Smile Tend to Smile More

 Inexpensive Smile Enhancement

 Whitening is a Fast Cosmetic Procedure



Imagine Smiling Confidently With a Brighter Smile!

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