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Precise Implant Placement with 3D Imaging and Custom Surgical Guides

Dr. Chad Colson, a fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, has successfully placed and restored over 300 dental implants since 2008. By utilizing our 3D imaging device and treatment planning software, Dr. Colson plans and performs the implant surgical procedure in virtual reality based upon the ideal placement of the eventual restoration (i.e. […]

Making Dental Injections Better

  The cutting edge of dental anesthesia–The Wand® STA is a computer-controlled injection system that provides painless anesthesia for all dental injection types. We used this technology on a patient the other day for an injection and she said, “You need to tell people about this!  I didn’t feel a thing!”.  So, here we are– […]

There and back again…a Colson’s tale.

March and April brought some “dental” traveling our way.  And yes, we are huge Tolkien fans. Early in March, we traveled to Carlsbad, CA with local oral surgeon Jeff Simmons, DMD, MD. Together, we attended a hands-on course sponsored by Zimmer Dental Implants. The course covered the technique used by the oral surgeon and the […]