How Can Our Technology Benefit You?

After months of research, we are excited to introduce a new piece of technology into our practice–CAD/CAM.  We can now use our computer aided design/computer aided milling to provide crowns, bridges, veneers, and occlusal appliances (bite guards) for our patients.

Amann Girrbach, an Austrian-German company that produces the software and milling machine, was founded in 1936.  The machine is widely used in dental laboratories across the US and in over 90 countries worldwide.  We are one of the few dental practices that have this laboratory based product in a clinical setting.  The machine is the benchmark in terms of the range of indications and materials. The 5-axis milling unit combines wet and dry processing in one unit and enables us to fabricate products almost completely in-house.

Thanks for reading!  Until next time…

Drs. Jill and Chad Colson