Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn


Our summer hiatus from blogging is now over.  Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!  Back into the swing of things!  Football, pumpkins, sweaters, bonfires– we are ready!

Back in May, we posted an article entitled ‘Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body’.  Over the summer, we started thinking a little bit more about that.  We really wanted our patients to know and understand how important this concept is.

We decided to incorporate the ‘Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body’ theme into our celebration of National Dental Hygiene Month this October.  We have a very informative packet that details the impact of oral health on your physical well-being.   It could change your life!  Plus we have a fun quiz to test your knowledge, stickers, prizes and much more!  Stay tuned! We’ll be keeping you posted with our blog and Facebook page.

Thank you for your interest!

Drs. Jill and Chad Colson

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