Exciting things happening…

As many of you already know, there have been a lot of new and exciting things happening at our office. In May 2014, Dr. Roy Strickland retired after 44 years of practice here in Greenville, SC. It is with great honor and pleasure that we, Drs. Chad and Jill Colson, were able to become a part of Dr. Roy Strickland’s practice in June 2014. Dr. Strickland is Dr. Chad Colson’s mentor and long-time friend. Chad began his time in this practice as a high school student working for Dr. Strickland in hopes of learning more about dentistry. And now over 20 years later, with Dr. Strickland retired, we have assumed the helm of this long-standing family-oriented dental practice. Together, we have over 28 years of experience serving the dental needs of our patients. The transition has been a blessing for us and for Dr. Strickland and his wife, Becky.   Dr. Strickland’s same, experienced staff is on board and they are excited to continue providing care with us.

We are very grateful to Dr. Strickland for this opportunity and look forward to fostering a life-long relationship with our patients by providing unsurpassed dental services.

Over the next few months you will notice several changes to the office. Foremost, we are now “Dentistry at Pelham Pointe”. Other changes and improvements include landscaping and esthetic upgrades as well as new computers and technology.

Please stay tuned as we provide updates on our blog. Also, check out our Facebook page for weekly news.

Thank you!
Drs. Chad and Jill Colson



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