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Before and After Dental Treatment Photos

All photos display personal cases treated by either Dr. Jill Colson or Dr. Chad Colson, with the help of our dental assistants. The photos are untouched except for cropping.  Please see our Facebook page for more of our before/after cases.

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Upper anterior 2 teeth porcelain crowns

 Case 1: Before
Smile Gallery Case 1 Before Photo
 Case 1: After
Smile Gallery Case 1 After Upper Porcelain Veneers

Upper anterior 4 teeth porcelain crowns

 Case 2: Before
Smile Gallery Case 2 Before Photo
 Case 2: After
Smile Gallery Case 2 After 4 Upper Porcelain Veneers

Upper anterior 4 teeth porcelain crowns after gingival grafting

Case 3: Before 
Smile Gallery Case 3 Before Photo
Case 3: During Temporary Crowns
Smile Gallery Case 3 Photo During Treatment with temporary crowns
Case 3: After
Smile Gallery Case 3 After Porcelain Crowns and Gum Grafting Photo

UPPER ANTERIOR Porcelain Crowns made in our office with CAD/CAM technology

  Case 4:  Before
Smile Gallery Case 4 Before Photo
Smile Gallery Case 4 Before Photo
 Case 4:  After
Smile Gallery Case 4 After Crowns are Placed
Smile Gallery Case 4 close up picture of teeth after crowns are placed


Case 5: Before
Smile Gallery Case 5 Before Photo
Case 5: After

Smile Gallery Case 5 Photo after 8 upper crowns             

 Micro-abrasion and whitening

Case 6: Before 
Smile Gallery Case 6 Before Photo
Case 6: After
Smile Gallery Case 6 After Micro Abrasion and Whitening

Upper anterior implant crowns

Case 7: Before 
Smile Gallery Case 7 Before Photo
Case 7: After 
Smile Gallery Case 7 After upper implant crowns

Clear Correct aligners

Case 8: Before
Smile Gallery Case 8 before photo
Case 8: Before 
Smile Gallery Case 8 before photo showing underside of upper teeth
Case 8: After
Smile Gallery Case 8 photo after clear aligners treatment
Smile Gallery Case 8 after clear aligner photo showing underside of upper teeth

Upper anterior all porcelain veneers

Case 9: Before and After 

Case 9 Before and After photos- all upper porcelain veneers

Upper anterior smile makeover with porcelain crowns and veneers

Case 10: Before  
Smile Gallery Case 10 before photo
Case 10: After 
Smile Gallery Case 10 after veneers and crowns smile makeover photo

Upper anterior 4 teeth crowned designed to match existing crowns

Case 11: Before  
Smile Gallery Case 11 Before Photo
Case 11: After
Smile Gallery Case 11 After Crowns Replaced Photo 

Space closure with composite resin

Case 12: Before 
Smile Gallery Case 12 Before Photo
Case 12: After Smile Gallery Case 12 After Space closed with resin Photo

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