Dentistry at Pelham Pointe

Advancing Patient Care with ORAL DNA


Do you have periodontal disease that is not responding to traditional therapies such as scaling and root planing?  Just as you might be tested for any other type of infection, we can test for they type of specific bacteria that is causing your periodontal infection.  All we need is a sample of your saliva.  Once we know the predominant type(s) of bacteria, we can target the infection directly with the proper antibiotics in conjunction with traditional therapies.

At our office, we use clinical laboratory services from OralDNA Labs® to ensure we are giving our patients the best oral health information possible. OralDNA Labs® is a specialty diagnostics company designed to provide reliable, definitive and cost effective clinical tests that guide oral health professionals in detecting and prognosing disease at an earlier, more treatable stage.  With OralDNA Labs® you can…

  • Find hidden oral pathogens that threaten your oral and systemic health. Common pathogens directly cause gum disease and may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and birth complications
  • Learn if you were born with gene markers associated with increased inflammation, a critical factor in the severity of periodontal, diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • Help your dentist select the most effective treatment if you already have periodontal disease, and then measure results with a follow-up test
  • Learn if you have HPV high-risk types associated with oral cancer

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Why do we have “FAGD” behind our names?

The Fellowship (FAGD) Award from the Academy of General Dentistry is one of the most rigorous continuing dental education programs today. It helps us, as your dental providers,  stay up to date on the most current dental procedures in order to offer you the highest quality of care.

Dr. Jill Colson received her fellowship award in 2006 and Dr. Chad Colson received his in 2008.

The Academy of General Dentistry describes the award as such:  A general dentist who is a “Fellow” in the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD) has been recognized by other general dentists as a leader and exemplifies to other dentists the importance of quality continuing dental education. To earn the FAGD, a dentist must complete a minimum of 500 continuing dental education credit hours, pass a comprehensive exam and have been an AGD member for three continuous years.



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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

2018 is a big year for us– it marks 50 years for our practice.  Dr. Strickland started this practice in 1968 in a small office on Rushmore Drive here in Greenville, SC.  In 1981, he moved the practice to it’s current location on Pointe Circle.   In 2014, with Dr. Strickland retiring, we took over the helm of this long-standing, family-oriented practice.  It is then the practice was renamed Dentistry at Pelham Pointe.  Thank you for the privilege of allowing us to continue caring for your dental needs.  Cheers to 50 years!

Dr. Jill and Dr. Chad Colson along with Shera, Kathy, Natalie, Becky, Hayley, and Jordon

For more information, or to schedule a consultation at Dentistry at Pelham Pointe, call our office in Greenville, SC at Greenville Office Phone Number 864-271-6705, or request an appointment online.

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Experience the Magic of GLO Whitening!

Looking to whiten your smile this holiday season?  Introducing our new professional grade in-office whitening system– GLO!  It is the only whitening system that uses controlled warming heat in a universal closed system mouthpiece.

A GLO whitening treatment only takes about an hour.  Your teeth will be isolated and the whitening agent is then applied.  The mouthpiece is inserted for your first 8 minute session.  No impressions.  No trays.  No messy strips.  Once complete, we rinse and re-apply the whitening agent for another 8 minute session.  We can do this up to 4 times in one session.   All for $325!  Call us at 864-271-6705 schedule an appointment for an evaluation to see if GLO is right for you!

Check it out at GLOSCIENCEPRO.



October is…

October is National Dental Hygiene Month!  Come celebrate with us!

We care not only about your dental health but your overall health as well– and the two are DEFINITELY correlated!  You really can’t have one without the other.

Our hygienists, Shera Davis, RDH and Kathy Terrell, RDH, have been dedicated to this practice for over 30 years.  I know I am biased –but they are really just amazing.  Our new patients always comment that they’ve never had such a gentle yet thorough hygiene visit like they’ve had with Kathy or Shera.  Kathy and Shera are always working with our patients to help them reach their optimal dental health.

Thanks for reading!  Until next time…

Dr. Jill Colson Read the rest of this entry »

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How Can Our Technology Benefit You?

After months of research, we are excited to introduce a new piece of technology into our practice–CAD/CAM.  We can now use our computer aided design/computer aided milling to provide crowns, bridges, veneers, and occlusal appliances (bite guards) for our patients.

Amann Girrbach, an Austrian-German company that produces the software and milling machine, was founded in 1936.  The machine is widely used in dental laboratories across the US and in over 90 countries worldwide.  We are one of the few dental practices that have this laboratory based product in a clinical setting.  The machine is the benchmark in terms of the range of indications and materials. The 5-axis milling unit combines wet and dry processing in one unit and enables us to fabricate products almost completely in-house.

Thanks for reading!  Until next time…

Drs. Jill and Chad Colson



Celebrating Shera Davis, RDH

Dental Hygenist Shera

Dental Hygienist: Shera Davis, RDH

May 31, 2017 is a special day for us and for our hygienist, Shera Davis.  It marks 35 years that Shera has been treating patients in this practice.

Dr. Chad and I both feel it is a tremendous honor and privilege to work with Shera.  That seems like such an understatement.  It is hard to put into words what Shera means to us, this practice and her patients.  I suppose it is best explained by the love and respect Shera’s colleagues and patients have for her.

Shera loves being a hygienist.  And I can tell you– she is an absolutely AMAZING clinician.  A hygiene visit with Shera is one that just can’t be compared.  She is dedicated to her profession in every way.  She is always researching new products and new techniques to improve the lives of her patients.  She has been honored by her colleagues through out the state by being selected as Hygienist of the Year.

We love you, Shera!  Thank you!  Congratulations!

-Dr. Jill

The Latest Addition To Our Digital Workflow: Digital Impressions

We are introducing our new digital scanner!

Our scanner allows us to capture precise true color, 2D and 3D digital images of teeth.   No more gagging or waiting for goopy impression material to set!

This scanner will integrate with our digital workflow of planning implants as well as fabricating crowns, bridges, Clear Correct aligners, occlusal guards, and other appliances.

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Precise Implant Placement with 3D Imaging and Custom Surgical Guides

Dr. Chad Colson, a fellow in the International Congress
of Oral Implantologists, has successfully placed and
restored over 300 dental implants since 2008.

By utilizing our 3D imaging device and treatment planning
software, Dr. Colson plans and performs the
implant surgical procedure in virtual reality based upon
the ideal placement of the eventual restoration (i.e.
crown or bridge). From this virtual model, he fabricates
a custom surgical guide that directs the implant
placement in the mouth to the precise location in which
it was virtually planned.
The guided-surgical technique results in a minimally invasive
surgery, a faster recovery time, and a better
final restoration for the implant. This precision cannot
be replicated by traditional surgical techniques.
Implants will integrate or “bond” to bone regardless of
their orientation or position; an improper orientation/
position of a dental implant can be a restorative
nightmare for the dentist. Dr. Colson eliminates this
problem through the guided-surgical technique and
produces unequivocal results.

Thanks for reading–until next time…

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