Smile Gallery

Before and After Photos

All photos display personal cases treated by either Dr. Jill Colson or Dr. Chad Colson. The photos are untouched except for cropping.

Upper anterior 2 teeth porcelain crowns

Case 1: Before 


Case 1: After

Upper anterior 4 teeth porcelain crowns

Case 2: Before 

Case 2: After

Upper anterior crowns

Case 3: Before 

Case 3: During Temporary crowns

Case 3: After

Gingival (gum) re-countouring with a laser

Case 4: Before 


Case 4: After


 Porcelain veneers

Case 5: Before

Case 5: After

Micro-abrasion and whitening

Case 6: Before 


Case 6: After


Upper anterior implant crowns

Case 7: Before 

Case 7: After

Clear Correct aligners

Case 8: Before and After 

clear1 preclear1 pre2

 clear1 postclear1 post2

Upper anterior all porcelain veneers

Case 9: Before and After 

Upper anterior smile makeover with porcelain crowns and veneers

Case 10: Before 

Teeth before a Smile Makeover

Case 10: After

Teeth After Smile Makeover

Upper anterior 4 teeth crowned/designed to match existing crowns

Case 11: Before 

Teeth before braces

Case 11: After

Teeth after braces

Space closure with composite resin

Case 12: Before

Case 12:  After